HeyCOVID19 by LetsStopAIDS
COVID-19 chando jogwenge e piny mangima e yore mopogore opogore kod Apaka. Wan jochiwre mawuok kanada ma neno ni weche mag COVID - 19 oyudore ne ji te e dhok mopogore opogore. Weche mawaloso gi otenore kuom weche ma ochiw kod migao mar rito ngima e piny mangima (WHO) kendo osiro tij luong gi riwruok mar pinje jorachere (United Nations) mar neno ni weche gi ochopo kamoro amora.

Koro, yie iland wach picha mantiere gi e dhok mopogore opogore kokalo e yor tudruok mar mbui ma ihero mondo okony piny obed makare.
LetsStopAIDS is Canada's Youth-HIV charity, that inspires youth to take action, relating to HIV, within local communities. This website and its multilingual content was developed in 6 days by 65 volunteers from 13 countries (with $0).

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Please note: Information surrounding COVID-19 is constantly evolving. Please check with your local health authority and the WHO for up-to-date advice.